New Stuff.

We strive to post content 3 times a week.  We fail miserably, but that’s what we strive for.  It is no secret among bloggers that the hardest part of keeping a blog relevant is generating good content.  Gutenberg probably felt that way too, right?  He had this great printing press and then he had to find stuff worth printing.

We have a lot more tools than Gutenberg did.  So one of the new things we are going to be doing is putting out a lot more video.  The idea is to put solid, watchable compliance training online here in smaller bites.  We are going to produce some 3 to 5 minute videos with usable compliance material that, with any luck, will provide value to credit unions. 

We have posted video before and a lot of people use it regularly, but this is a new approach and it’s difficult to convey why it’s different in words.  You, dear reader (and dear watcher) will of course be the judge as to whether we are successful.  We’re starting shooting this afternoon and with any luck the content should start running next week.  In the meantime, Shari Storm has a post coming for us and the NCUA’s new rule on loan participations has actually inspired the Current Issues in Credit Unions cast to get together for a show in the next few weeks.  TCUB is alive and well and new stuff is coming soon.


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