This week, Live from Seattle!

Could it have been only a year ago that we did our very first live episode of Current Issues in Credit Unions From the NAFCU Compliance Conference in Orlando, Florida?  That experience went so well that the good people at NAFCU have asked us back and most of the CIiCU gang is bound for Seattle this week.  This Thursday at 10:45 a.m. Pacific we will be live an in person at the NAFCU Regulatory Compliance Seminar being held at the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle.  The show is of course being recorded normally so podcast fans will get to hear it after the fact.  Although there are live streaming events at this conference our show will only be live to the attendees so you have to go to see it.

We normally come up with the topics for the show 3 days in advance, so they are being debated as we speak.  I can promise you it will be cavalier but informative.  We won’t hold back.  Hal Scoggins, Katherine Weber and I will be there along with Steve Van Beek from NAFCU.  It will be a show to remember.

If you will be going and there is a topic or something you want to address, feel free to email me.  This format gives us a lot of lattitude to explore credit unions issues with a legal focus while preserving the necessary irreverence.


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