That September Feeling.

Suddenly, it’s not light out when I wake up in the morning and the evenings aren’t sunny after 9 anymore.  Labor day has been and gone leaving us with kids back at school, change in the air and the desire to work.  Well, maybe that last one is wishful thinking, but it is at least the desire to have the desire to work.

Wistful writing on TCUB or a fervent desire to post content when we have none?  Perhaps both.  The secret around here is that we get lots of content from WWR lawyers all at once and then not so much.  That’s fine when yours humbly has time to write but no so fine when he doesn’t.  Free lancers help, but ultimately, when things are slow, someone has to start the keyboard going.

In other news, while we did not do a Current Issues in Credit Unions show in late August we will be back this month.  And then in October, we are again doing a live show at the NAFCU Compliance Conference.  We had so much fun in Florida last year, we are excited to do it again this year in Seattle.  

Since I seem to be headed down the route of self-promotion, why not go all in?  Today, I am doing a beginning BSA seminar for the Michigan League.  The volunteer version will be on September 27th and the management version will be on October 9.  Need extensive BSA training?  Check it out. 


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