I feel bad for NCUA workers.

Starting my morning off with CU Times like I often do, I see that there appears to be some government wide fallout from the Vegas junket that the GSA held 2 years ago.  Like most people, all I can do is compare it to my own situation.  I travel a lot for my job.  Anyone who works for credit unions will tell you that the events are not extravagant.  Are some of them held at nice places?  Of course.  Do they feature mind readers and clowns?  Not unless a vendor booth has a mind reader/clown motif.  Note to self, that’s not a bad idea:  next time at the Ohio Credit Union League Convention booth we should dress up as mind-reading clowns.  Except I hate clowns, but that’s another story.

And I digress.  Why do I feel bad for NCUA workers?  Because canceling a reception does not help moral.  I would bet you that there were no clowns scheduled to appear at the NCUA reception.  I have been to NCUA receptions.  They are not wild parties.  Look, NCUA has to compete with private employers to recruit bright and honest people.  Are there perks in being an employee of the federal government?  Sure, good benefits, nice holidays, what have you, but in Washington D.C. private industry pays more and NCUA has to compete with that.  Having a modest reception for hardworking employees in any industry is a good idea.

The GSA seems, at the moment, to have ruined such things for everyone.  The recent secret service debacle didn’t help either.  Most government workers aren’t like this and most government employee events are not extravaganzas.  If it turns out that being a government employee means you are never allowed to appear to be having fun ever, it may make good people who work for the government consider updating their résumés.


2 thoughts on “I feel bad for NCUA workers.

  1. Oh, boo hoo. Let me shed a few tears.

    Let’s put the clown shoe on a different foot. Let’s say it was a bank that received TARP money that spent $800k on an event.

    The choruses of voices coming from the the credit union community criticizing the bank would be heard on the moon.

    Don’t bank employees work hard? Or do you really believe that every one of Bank of America’s and JP Morgan Chase’s employees are evil human beings who should be punished? (Maybe you don’t, but judging by the tweets I see from some CU folks, I have to wonder about some of them).

    This is the political reality of the times, Rob. The GSA is part of a government whose President calls for “shared sacrifice.” Spending $800k on an event isn’t shared sacrifice, and it should come as no surprise that political opponents would make hay out of this.

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