Cleveland Chapter Holiday Party.

Last night, My family and I attended our 14th Cleveland Chapter holiday party.  I meant to bring my Nikon, but of course I forgot so all I have to show for it is this picture taken hastily from my iPhone.  You can’t see Santa, you can barely even see all the kids lined up.  This photo is quite possibly the worst credit union event picture I’ve ever taken.  The Pulitzer prize is going to elude me again this year, I fear.

In any event, the evening is always very special.  It’s one instance where “we’ve always done it that way” still has its charm.

Events like this illustrate why the credit union movement is a movement and why credit unions are more than just banking service vendors.  It’s built into the DNA from the credit unions to the leagues to the trade organizations and even the regulators themselves.  Think I am overstating it?  Multiply this by every chapter across the United States.


Shari Storm has been irrepressibly productive recently and should have an awesome piece on these pages this Friday.  You know it’s the holiday season when we struggle mightily to come up with literally anything to make our 3 post a week deadline.  We are also going to try mightily to get our podcast in this month despite the holidays.


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