What’s Happening In The World of Bankruptcy

There seems to be a lot of activity in the world of bankruptcy lately.

Monette Cope has been busy reporting on the topic of lien stripping, when debtors may or may not be able to strip mortgage liens. According to a client advisory she wrote on April 7th, “Chapter 13 debtors who are ineligible for a discharge may not strip mortgage liens, even if the liens are wholly unsecured.” Monette followed up that article with another one focused on barriers to stripping wholly unsecured liens on April 13th, “When Spouses Cannot Strip Mortgage Liens in Bankruptcy.” (link to both) 

Monette also published an advisory on April 19th focused on illegal provisions in confirmation orders. She discusses creditors’ best defenses against illegal provisions as well as what to if a plan is confirmed with an illegal provision. (link)

Finally, David Yunghans wrote an article on a telephone scan affecting Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in the Western District of Michigan. Go here to view David’s article. 

Monette Cope is a junior partner in the bankruptcy group at Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA (WWR) located in the Chicago office. She can be reached at 312.253.9614 or mcope@weltman.com.  David is an associated focused on bankruptcy services in the Cincinnati office of WWR. He can be reached at 513.723.2211 or dyunghans@weltman.com.


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