Making Remote Capture More Appealing to Credit Unions

By Robert Rutkowski

Remote capture is hot.  For those of you who have not heard about this, it’s the process where your member would take a picture of a check and then email the image to you and you would treat this as a deposit.  The member then destroys the check.  Credit unions have been squeamish about adopting it because of the obvious fraud problems.  If the member decides to deposit the check image to multiple financial institutions or if it’s not the member trying to deposit the check, you can see what can happen.

On the way home from Iowa a few weeks ago, I had an idea that I thought I would share with you.  What about creating a homebrew form of remote capture using Skype and a webcam?  Give your teller who mans your drive up window a computer with Skype and a webcam and give your members that station’s Skype ID.  Your members could call that station using their own PC, Skype and a webcam.  The teller would then be able to see the member and would use his or her webcam software to take a picture of the member with the check and then the front and back of the check and use that for deposit purposes.  The member could then destroy the check on camera in front of the teller.  The beauty of it is that it has the potential to cut down on fraud while letting the credit union use an advanced piece of technology that members would appreciate.  Each transaction would probably take less time than a member visit.  Plus, the start-up costs would be very low.  Credit unions that already have a video based teller system could adopt something like this easier than most.

This might be the way for credit unions to jump into remote capture.  Your members want it, that’s for sure.  Assuming no intellectual property barriers, you could quickly get into remote capture on your own, with or without a vendor, promote it to your membership and go with it probably within 60 days.  Just a thought, but why not check it out?


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