Tag! You’re It

By: Shari Storm

A few months ago, my colleague, Lee Wojnar, from O’bee Credit Union, introduced me and the other participants of Washington’s Credit University, to a marketing concept called tagging. As soon as he pointed it out, I started seeing it everywhere – on my REI catalog, on the bottle of my moisturizer, and most recently, at the airport.

Tags look like this:


Tags works like this:

1. A consumer downloads a simple tag reader app onto their smart phone.
2. A marketer orders a free tag (there are a couple places to get them from).
3. The marketer prints the tag on their marketing material and designs a corresponding webpage for it.
4. If a consumer wants more information about something that has a tag on it, they hold their smart phone up to the tag, click a button, and it launches the marketer’s web site.

This is a marketing executive’s dream come true! It lets a company:

1. Provide more information than a single poster, brochure or postcard can hold.
2. Gives the ability to update information in real time (via the website).
3. Captures how many consumers look at your material and take the step to get more information.

I appreciate them as a consumer as well. My REI tag sent me to a site where I could find the nearest store to wear I was standing (having I mentioned I love location marketing?). My moisturizer tag told me all sorts of information about the product and lastly this tag scheme was brilliant:

If you’ve been at the airport lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed a recent phenomenon – everyone at the airport has their nose in their mobile device. That is why this is such a great marketing campaign. I’m sitting at the airport with nothing to do and lo – 1stBank just invited me to a free game of Sudoku.  For those of you addicted to the game, you have even a higher appreciation for this gift. Thank you 1stBank.

At any rate, I encourage you to check out tagging.

Shari Storm is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Verity Federal Credit Union and is the author of the book ‘Motherhood is the New MBA”, available here.


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