Everything is Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

Today’s blog comes courtesy of Shari Storm, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Verity Federal Credit Union. Shari is the author of the new book ‘Motherhood is the New MBA”, available here.

I often watch this video for the sheer “pick-me-up” of it.


With all that’s going on in the banking world and the economy, it’s hard to step back and be grateful for what we have. After attending WOCCU’s Global Women’s Conference,  I have, at least for now, a new appreciation for how good things actually are for us.

Contrasting our situations with the situations of the women from around the globe gave me a swift perspective re-alignment.  Yes, the new regulations and the new economy are tough, but I realized last week that it could be a lot tougher.

There were the two women from Zimbabwe who, when asked what their delivery channels are, looked at us curiously. After a short pause, they said, “We walk money to their home.”  And what do you do if they don’t pay you back? “We must take their goat, or their radio, or whatever else they promised. We sell it in the market.”  I don’t think anyone at my credit union has ever had to walk to someone’s house for anything. We get annoyed when we have to park more than two blocks away from our building. And our economy is so rich, that using a radio for collateral is unthinkable – let alone a goat.

There was the woman from Mexico who runs a credit union in a remote mountain range where none of her branches have Internet access, and many have no computers. They rely on a two-way radio to call in their daily transactions. Could you imagine a radio being your professional form of communication? How could you possibly check your Facebook account on your lunch break?

Lastly, I met a woman from Macedonia. She has been the head of her financial co-op for the past ten years. She is the only female licensed banking executive in the country.  While some may grumble about the lack of diversity at the upper echelons of our industry, we still have countless examples of CEOs of every race, gender and religious background.  If you are any type of minority and want to find a role model or mentor, you can in our industry.

Not to get too sentimental about it, but the mere fact that everyone in our country has clean drinking water, electricity, access to computers, the right to attend school, an overall culture of tolerance and a national financial system, while sometimes flawed, is reliable, efficient, and diverse, is something to be grateful for everyday.


5 thoughts on “Everything is Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

  1. Great post Shari! After attending last week’s The 1 CU Conference and having the opportunity to meet so many inspiring credit union people from around the world I had a very similar realization about how truly fortunate we are. On top of that, it really opened my eyes to the global credit union movement that we are a part of. Thanks for taking the time to share a few of the stories from the people you met. These women are great examples of the many amazing people doing extraordinary things for our movement around the world!

  2. Shari, LOVE the perspective, and LOVE the Louis CK clip! Brilliant! I agree completely… every time ANYONE is on an airplane, we should be all “WHEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m in a chair in the SKYYYYYYYYYYY!!!”

  3. Writing from Africa, I also attended the Global Conference in Vegas, and appreciate so much the sharing and the learning. While our countries may be developing and not have many resources, the lessons i learnt were global and a diference can still be made in whatever small way. So I am challenged to also make a change in my own way and my own world

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