10 Years Ago and 10 Years Into the Future

Today’s blog comes courtesy of Denise Wymore, owner of consulting service for cooperatives, Denise Wymore, LLC.

10 years ago…….

If you had told me that…..

  • We would have an African-American for President
  • Tiger Woods would be divorced and disgraced
  • Michael Jackson would be dead
  • A show like Glee would be crazy popular
  • Amazon.com and Zappos.com merged and Tony Hsieh’s book would be #1 on the NY Times Bestsellers List
  • One of the largest banks in the US would be out of business due a bank failure
  • The Post Office is going to shut down Saturday mail deliver
  • NCUA would be suing itself
  • 1 out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon and
  • I’d be a guest blogger for a lawyer’s site, I would’ve thought you were:

a. Crazy
b. Both optimistic and pessimistic
c. On to something

So if I had a crystal ball and could see 10 years down the road, I would make these predictions:

  • The Rolling Stones will still be touring, sponsored by AARP
  • The Post Office will be privatized
  • Another major bank in the U.S. will collapse
  • Tiger Woods will have retired
  • McDonalds and Jack in the Box merge to make “Jack n’ the Mac”
  • Steve Jobs is rumored to be running for President in the next election
  • CUNA and NAFCU will finally be on the same page and in the same house, and
  • Credit unions experienced a boom and now hold 25% of the marketplace

What do you think?


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