Survey Results and Darned Statistics.

I promised that I would post a follow-up to the survey I ran last week and I think I have enough material to actually milk it for another post.  For starters, I only received 22 responses.  In order to have a meaningful survey, you really need 370 responses.

Here are the results:

Profitability and growth scored well.  In a time of NCUA assessments and slow economic recovery, that makes sense. 

Now we have no way of knowing who is answering these questions.  Could it really be directors?  Perhaps.  The responses seem likely enough:  strategic plans and coming to grips with changes are significant issues. 

For all of you who answered this question, I highly recommend David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  I’m serious.  As far as I’m concerned he invented an unbeatable system of organization that will help you tremendously.

We actually had someone skip this one.  It seems to be a toss-up but you should never underestimate convenience and how much people are willing to pay for it.  Or using convenience to bring members into the credit union.  For some reason this made me think of coin counter machines that are so popular with smaller credit unions.

So that’s my first foray into surveys and using Survey Monkey.  If nothing else, it’s kind of fun.  I may do more of this although frankly, it’s probably better suited for the trade pages and blogs that have a big enough audience to actually get close to a statistically signficant sample.


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