The Value of Chapter Meetings.

Last night, I attended the Northeast Chapter of Credit Unions meeting in Concord.  It was scholarship night and the Chapter awarded 3 $1000 awards and also had the recipients speak.  Additionally, they had a young man who has won awards as a young entrepreneur give a presentation.  I could not help but think how terrific something like this is for the community and how it illustrates that credit unions are committed to young people. 

Jill Cottone from the League was there too showing real dedication as she had to drive up from Columbus.  She spoke on current league efforts to expand their free compliance programs for league members and the upcoming Zenith convention.

The Immortal Jim Furman.

Of course, there were jokes about Chapter Chicken (and indeed we ate said chicken).  There’s a lot of camaraderie at these meetings as well.  Chapter meetings illustrate what credit unions are all about: volunteerism, community investment and helping people.  In two and a half hours, you get it all.


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