Help me update my “Law You Can Use” article.

In the spirit of crowd-sourcing and the social media community, I have something that you can help me with if you wish.  Years ago, I wrote a Q and A piece for the Ohio Bar Association called:  Member-Owned Credit Unions Offer Banking Alternatives.  Visit the link to read the full article.  It was last updated in 2008 and the OBA has asked me to update it again.  The Ohio Credit Union League helped me with it when it was first published and I will ask for their input again.  However, if you have any suggestions, dear readers, please leave a comment below and I will make every effort to integrate those comments into the revised version.  When I told the OBA rep that credit unions are getting a lot of press right now from luminaries such as Suze Orman, she thought they the article could be re-released through their local news outlets throughout the State of Ohio.  I think that you would agree that anything that spreads the word about credit unions is a good thing!


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