Wednesday at the GAC.

On my last day at the conference, I decided to visit Credit Union House.  This is a terrific resource for credit unions that need a place to plan and meet while in Washington D.C.  They had an open house and I stopped by on my way home. 

If you have a chance to attend a function there or better yet, hold an event there, I highly recommend it.

Business Development Specialist Maren McBride gave our group a tour and can assist anyone in making arrangements at Credit Union House.  The contact information is available on their website.

The annex is also available and is quite beautiful.

It’s hard to summarize my experience this year at the GAC in so many words.  Some of my friends who didn’t attend worried that things would be gloomy because of the economy and the regulatory environment.  I can emphatically say it was just the opposite.  There were a lot of optimistic people with the energy to face the challenges of the industry head on.  I left the event more energized than when I arrived.


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