Tuesday at the GAC.

For those of you who have not been to CUNA’s grand affair, I have to give you a sense of scope.  The GAC is big!  Have you ever seen an exhibit hall like this?

CUNA hired Elvis there to help spread the word.  He looks pretty happy.

The general sessions of the GAC are also huge.

Today’s turn out was terrific.  The speakers ranged from several Congressmen to Board Member Gigi Hyland to the still amazing Alan Greenspan.  Here he is with Paul Berry (the very talented host of the general session):

Putting on a show of this size is nothing less than an epic production.  CUNA does it like no one else.  I didn’t observe any problems and I would have been surprised if I had.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen any logistics issues in any of these conferences I’ve attended over the last 12 years.  They are pros.

On my way out I encountered some friends.

Anthony Demangone, Carrie Hunt and B. Dan Berger.  Anthony is NAFCU’s Director of Regulatory Compliance, Carrie is NAFCU’s General Counsel and Dan is Exec VP of Government Affairs.  They were here for a meeting.  While it lasts, the GAC is truly the center of the credit union world.

I also ran into some of the GAC Crashers that I talked about yesterday.  Some of them are staying in a hostel, with 6 guys in a room.  This makes me very glad for my hotel accomodations.  All of them seemed to be in quite good spirits despite staying up late and getting up early.  Ah to be young again. 

There are break out sessions this afternoon and more functions tonight.  I’m leaving tomorrow, but I’m hoping to do one more post covering this most excellent event.


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