Monday Morning at the 2010 CUNA GAC.

The Credit Union National Association puts on a tremendous event every year in Washington, D.C.  A few years ago they moved it from a hotel to the D.C. Convention Center.

It’s very impressive.  There are so many people here, it’s inspiring and humbling.  It really shows the power of the Credit Union Movement.  Everyone who plays a role in credit unions is here.  From employees to volunteers to regulators to vendors.  Thousands and thousands of credit union people have converged on Washington to meet, discuss issues, and do business.  There might be a little fun involved too.  The energy created is palpable.

I had to take a couple of pictures of my friend Brent Dixon and his crew of under 30 folks. 

Brent organized a “Crash the GAC” group of 20-somthings who were going to attend even though they couldn’t afford the registration fee.  When CUNA heard about it, to its credit, all of the crashers were given free admission.  This is wonderful in so many ways.  The credit union movement needs young people to get involved and these folks are bright and committed.

Alas, I’ve aged out of the under 30 crowd a very long time ago.  But I do admire their energy and enthusiasm. 

I’m hoping to post more pictures and have more comments about my time in Washington, D.C. this year.  It certainly is an awesome start to the conference.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning at the 2010 CUNA GAC.

  1. Rob,

    Thanks so much for the post. I have only been to GAC once. And it was as a crasher many years ago so I only attended the “networking” (er, drinking) events.

    To the real Crash the GAC’ers – it’s about time. I have to admit that the GAC was the event that was pretty restricted to CEOs and Board Members. As a CU employee for 20 years it was never presented to me as an opportunity.

    Social media tools like Twitter, Carla Day’s CU Chat Up blog and now this post provide virtual access to everyone! Why didn’t CUNA think of this?
    Glad they at least supported it.


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