Bucks First Federal Credit Union knows social media.

by Rob Rutkowski

So I’m driving to work (and dropping off my kids at school) this morning and I’m listening to podcasts.  Cleveland only got a few inches of the great snowstorm that’s wreaking so much havoc across the country so the drive isn’t too bad. Anyway, I tuned into CU Watercooler (Liquid Lunch #10).  I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve only listened to the show one other time (my podcast listening is mostly limited to car time).  Matt Davis and Tim McAlpine interviewed a young lady from Bucks First Federal Credit Union.  Apparently Bucks First put together a video that has eclipsed Larrisa Walkiw’s credit union video in popularity.

This is nothing short of astounding as Larrisa’s video was groundbreaking.  Matt and Tim said something about an outfit called Retton something or another put it together for them.  I had never heard of it, so at the next stop light I googled it on my phone and found a whole bunch of listings about Mary Lou Retton.  Then I googled Buck’s First and found the credit union’s website.  I loved the fact that they have a Twitter link on the first page and I’m going to start following them.  But I still couldn’t find the video.

I dropped my kids off at school and slid off to work.  I knew I had to blog about this this morning and I couldn’t wait to watch the Bucks First video.  I went to the CU Watercooler website and found that the company (comedy duo, ad agency, I’m not really sure) that did this for them is called Rhett & Link, not Retton Link and is apparently famous.  Here’s a link to the  Bucks First video. It is quite awesome.


4 thoughts on “Bucks First Federal Credit Union knows social media.

  1. Rob – Thanks for the kind words about our commercial. 🙂
    We’re working on putting something on the homepage of our website so that people like you can find the video easily. It took a bit longer than expected because we want to add a special touch to it.

    Glad you enjoyed the podcast!

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