Discussing The Credit CARD Act on The Ray Lucia Show.

On January 13, I had the pleasure of appearing on The Ray Lucia Radio Show.  A friend of mine arranged this and I definitely enjoyed the experience.  Of course, who wouldn’t enjoy the opportunity to talk about Regulation Z and the Credit CARD Act?!  I can’t get enough of that.  Moreover, with the Federal Reserve’s new Final Rule topping nearly 1200 pages, I have a lot of reading to do too.  It’s like getting a free novel to read!

Mr. Lucia’s show addresses “Your Money, Your Business, Your Life.”  He and his radio show team are consummate pros at putting on a successful broadcast.  My experience with Internet radio is starkly different in terms of pacing, energy (and effort).  When you do a podcast, you have time to edit and the recording part is kind of relaxed.  Not so with live radio.  You have to stand and deliver and there’s no retake and no editing.  Mr. Lucia does a 3-hour show Monday through Friday.  I can only imagine the amount of effort that goes into something like that.  Moreover, like me, Mr. Lucia has a day job.  He’s a certified financial planner with his own firm

He’s also written a book on how to save money for retirement.  He’s definitely one of those high achieving, high energy people who we can learn from in our own lives.  Imagine a credit union putting forth that kind of effort in its own marketing.  



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