Who should we ask to be on Current Issues in Credit Unions in 2009?

We had some terrific guests this past year:  Palmer Williams, Denise Wymore, Tim McAlpine, NCUA Board Member Gigi Hyland and her Senior Policy Advisor Gary Kohn, Ginny Brady, Charlie Williams, Matt Davis, NCUA Vice Chairman Rodney Hood and Moriss Partee (scheduled for this month).


So my question to you is:  who should be a guest in 2009?  In 2008, we set our calendar in advance for the whole year.  I thought that worked well for us.  We want to do that again. 


As the show enters its 3rd year, we want to keep it interesting and relevant.  We know what’s important to us as attorneys representing credit unions, but we want to get outside that sphere at times too.  Guests who are active in the credit union movement can help us do that.


7 thoughts on “Who should we ask to be on Current Issues in Credit Unions in 2009?

  1. How about a couple of credit union CEO’s that are doing unique or innovative things at their credit union and succeeding. For something a little of your normal pace maybe interview a couple of credit union staff to see what issues they are dealing with and how that might impact the rest of the credit union community.

    Here are a couple of names that may be interesting:
    Jim Updike at Honda FCU
    Carlo Cesstra at Digital Credit Union
    Peter Duffy

  2. If you haven’t heard Mark Weber, CEO, Weber Marketing, speak…I would throw his hat in the ring as a speaker on anything from recession marketing, to green-eco retail environments, evaluating your cu’s name or transformational branding. He’s been in the industry — and a leader and proponent of credit unions for over 20 years. He’ll challenge you and your audience for sure.

  3. I know this is off topic, but you ask for listener questions on most shows and after listening to all 31 episodes, I have a burning question for the regulars. “If you were a superhero, what superhero would you be?” I am especially interested in Guy’s response.

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