Back from the PCUA annual convention.

I’m back from Pittsburgh where we exhibited at the PCUA convention.  Here is a picture of Ben Bibler and Dawn Pagon at the booth.

If you remember walking through the exhibition hall and seeing a guy in a suit juggling periodically, that was me.  We exhibited on Thursday and Friday and I stayed through Saturday.  On Saturday, I gave two 90-minute Disaster Recovery presentations.  These seemed to be well received.

I have to say, that I enjoyed staying at the Westin Convention Center.  I had a nice view of Union Station outside my hotel window.  Here’s a picture.

My partner at our law firm, Jim Valecko, has a picture of what Union Station looked like when it was still being used primarily as a train station.  It is much cleaner now, in fact it is quite beautiful.

I also have to mention that it was a pleasure meeting Randy Gilson.  Mr. Gilson is a waiter at one of the restaurants at the Westin.  However he is also a one-man urban renewal project.  He has created Randyland which is his vision of reusing and recycling and revitalizing part of the city.  He impressed me as an energetic and rather extraordinary individual.

It is always great to work with the PCUA and this trip turned out to be no exception.


One thought on “Back from the PCUA annual convention.

  1. Very nice photo of Union Station in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a native of the Pittsburgh area, but sadly, I have never visited Union Station. But that is rather typical of natives of any area. How many New Yorkers have visited Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty? As a percentage, I am willing to guess that the number is quite low. Interestingly enough, the atrium area that you see out front of Union Station was so that the well-off folks could have their horse and buggy pull-up to the front of Union Station and have their bags unloaded without having to deal with the rain or snow.

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