Current Issues in Credit Unions Episode 24.

This is our 2nd anniversary of doing CIiCU!  This month, Hal Scoggins is in for Brian Witt and Katherine Weber is in for Guy Messick.  Here are the topics:

–How can you tell when a vendor is high risk?  (3:45)
–Tips on building a marketing campaign around a specific product.  (11:20)
–How law enforcement uses Suspicious Activity Reports.  (19:15)
–Dormant accounts and escheatment:  tips and traps.  (26:10)
–Tips on using employee pictures in ads and for identification.  (31:40)
–Dealing with requests to change how you report an account to a Consumer Reporting Agency.  (34:55)
–RESPA reform proposal put out by HUD.  (44:10)

The CIiCU hosts are:

Brian Witt
Farleigh Wada Witt,
Attorneys at Law
121 SW Morrison Street, Suite 600
Portland, Oregon 97204
Telephone: 503-228-6044
Fax: 503-228-1741

Guy Messick
Messick & Weber P.C.
The Madison Building, 108 Chesley Drive
Media, Pennsylvania 19063-1712
Telephone: 610-891-9000
Fax: 610-891-9008

Faith Anderson
American Airlines Credit Union
P.O. Box 619001
MD 2100
DFW Airport, TX
(800) 533-0035

Robert Rutkowski
Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., L.P.A.
323 W. Lakeside Avenue, Suite 200
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Telephone: 216-739-5004
Fax: 216-739-5642

Subcribe to the show via iTunes Music Store:


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