My Trip to Washington.

On Monday, I left for Washington, not for the CUNA GAC, but to speak on behalf of the Maryland and DC Credit Union League.  Yet, I could not keep away from the GAC.  I have been to the GAC for about eight years straight but I missed it last year.

In any event, I met Guy Messick, Katherine Weber and their friend Vic at the Vidialia restaurant on Monday night.  Guy and Katherine had been at the GAC since it began last week.  It was wonderful to see them and Katherine is expecting next month.  She told me that she plans on working at home after she has her new baby.  She is very ambitious!  While I was in Maryland, I stayed with my brother-in-law, Tom, as he lives between the two league locations.  He is always very nice about putting me up.

On Tuesday I gave my first seminar on Fortifying Your Front Line (Credit Union Accounts and Fraud Prevention) from 9 to 4.  I really enjoy speaking for the Maryland and DC Leagues because the audiences are always there to learn (and maybe have a little fun too).


Tuesday night, Tom and I went to the Capital City Brewing Company to meet Morris Partee (I love that guy’s name) Ginny Brady and other credit union folks who have an interest in social media. 

Morris organized the event. 


Ginny is scheduled to appear on Current Issues in Credit Unions later this year.  It was very nice to talk to everyone.  I chatted with Brent Dixon about this year’s Partnership Symposium.  While I don’t think, at this point, that I can make it, I’m going to revisit my schedule to see if there is some way I can attend.  A conference about my two favorite things in the world, credit unions and technology, is hard to pass up despite the schedule pain.

On Wednesday, I gave my final seminar.  We worked through lunch and got everyone out by 3.  It was another great group to teach.

My drive back was uneventful.  Although driving down seemed like a great idea having been stuck at Dulles Airport in the past, somewhere in Pennsylvania around 8 in the evening I was wishing that I had flown.  Still, what an intense 48 hours!  It is sessions like this that make me feel that working with credit unions is the best job in the world.


4 thoughts on “My Trip to Washington.

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  2. Hi Rob, We had a wonderful gathering in Washington. It was a pleasure to meet you after following Current Issues for over a year. Those of us who are CU bloggers have developed a nice community spirit.

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