University of Kentucky FCU video.

Credit Union Times ran a nice article in the January 30, 2008 issue on this video.  I thought they did a really nice job of framing the shots and doing the cuts.  It’s pretty polished for something that the credit union said was essentially low budget.  As new media advertising goes, I think it’s pretty good.   Hats off to them and I hope others link to this as well.

My first choice for video is always YouTube because the sentiment around here is that it is okay for business.  MySpace?  Not so much.  In fact, in writing this post, I chose a non-work computer because I don’t want to head over to MySpace with a work computer.  Even though plenty of people are making lots of money on MySpace, it’s still perceived as mostly for social activities.

Of course, if you are a credit union reaching out to young people, arguably, that’s where you need to be.


3 thoughts on “University of Kentucky FCU video.

  1. I’ll have to check out this video when I get home. Without seeing the video and knowing who it is targeted at, I guess I can’t form an opinion as to the best place to host it. However, I will make a generalized statement that if you’re going to put a video out there, upload it to as many sites as you can! Though MySpace is a great site for the youthful market, there are also thousands of users out there using other video sharing sites. That’s the beauty of this day and age.

    Bottom line, if you really want to give you video campaign legs, upload it to as many sites as possible and make it easy for users to share the video. The easier it is to spread, the faster it will travel.

  2. University of Kentucky FCU did a nice job with that video. It showcases UKFCU as a fun place to work. And yes, part of it is them playing baseball in the office. But the larger part of it has to do with the lo-fi video – whether or not this is true, it seems like it was employee-made. To me it speaks of employees that want to express digging their job, and a workplace that encourages creativity.

    If we’re drawing sweeping generalities, I think self-expression, the ability to be counted as a human, and the ability to make a difference in the workplace are all very attractive points of recruitment for Gen Y.

    It’s no secret I’m not crazy about CU MySpace pages, but in this case I think adding it to MySpace makes sense. But to echo what Mike said, even better to add it to YouTube and other video sites as well.

  3. I dug the video. I am curious about how often the credit union will allow cu resources to be spent this way. You have 4 employees plus the CEO (I think). Plus the time to edit.

    I thinkit is great and I hope that they can keep up. But I have a feeling that it will come up in a meeting if there is any benefits here or if this is just CU sanctioned “goofing off” time.

    Sad that so many things are measured by the bottom line.

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