Frivolous Friday: Rant.

One thing “teh internets” are good for is ranting.  Bloggers love to rant.  Where else can you have a forum that lets you unleash vitriol on a topic where people actually listen to you?  I mean you can always complain to your spouse, but he or she has probably tuned you out years ago.

Today, I want to rant about “Second Notice” marketing.  Then I want to do a follow up to a previous rant.

In the last week, I’ve received two advertisements marked “second notice” in red letters on the outside of the envelope.  One came from a bank and the other came from an insurance company.  I sincerely hope that credit unions do not adopt this technique.

Why?  It is because this notice makes the letter look like a collection letter.  You might think if you are the type of person who pays their bills, you have nothing to fear.  Not today.  Nowadays, identity theft is such that a collection notice to someone who otherwise pays his or her bills is an indication that something very bad has happened.  The “second notice” in red ink on the letter really jumps out.

I will give the inventor of this marketing technique credit:  it commands attention.  However, not all attention is positive.  When I see this and I realize that it’s not a collection notice and that my identity has not been stolen, relief quickly gives way to anger.  So far, I’ve stopped short of calling the vendors in question.  Instead I just dispose of it in the same manner that I disposed of their “first notice.”  I will probably call the vendor if I ever get a “third notice.”

So I ask you marketing folks:  do you think the positive outweighs the negative in such a solicitation? 

Ok, here’s the follow up to a previous rant.  Listeners of Current Issues in Credit Unions might recall during the last episode I described a situation I had with an airline where the pilots and flight crew of one of my connecting flights delayed the flight so that they could get McDonalds.  As I was waiting at the airport, I emailed the airline in question, ranting about that as well as two other cancellations or delays that I had on that trip.

In the mail yesterday I received a $100 voucher from that airline and an apology.  Of course to use it, I’d have to fly that airline again.  I would only do that if I were going somewhere when I wasn’t in a hurry.  Their motto should be:  “we’ll get you there when we feel like it.” 

But the moral of the story is that ranting pays.


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