Rob Rutkowski to present on “Compliance Issues” and “Fraud Prevention” at PCUA Teller/Frontline Bootcamp

Rob Rutkowski will be teaming up with CUNA and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association (PCUA) next week to present a seminar on “Compliance Issues” and another on “Fraud Prevention” at the PCUA’s Teller/Frontline Bootcamp on April 24 in Mars, PA and April 25 in Harrisburg, PA.  The Compliance Issues seminar will focus on gaining an understanding of the major regulations that affect frontline staff, understanding what you can and cannot say to members, learning the consequences of non-compliance and understanding the role one plays in a credit union’s compliance program. The Fraud Prevention seminar will examine the use of security features to detect altered and counterfeit items, understanding internal controls against embezzlement and dishonest activities, exploring how to protect members against fraud and learning about different types of scams and how to prevent them. If you’re in the Mars (near Pittsburgh, PA) or Harrisburg areas, you should consider joining us! For more information visit:


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