Frivolous Friday: Could Twitter Be a Powerful Business Tool for Credit Unions?

Twitter is all the rage right now.  What is Twitter?  Well, it’s a website where you enter in information as to what you’re doing at any given moment.  You can even send an SMS message from your cell phone to Twitter to update it.  What’s that you say?  You don’t get it?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  No one I’ve talked to gets it, but they still do it anyway.

So why am I writing about a site that is of the same nature and longevity as mood rings and pet rocks?  Because I think there may be an unintended use here for business.  Think about it managers:  Twitter is a way to keep track of employees!  Want to know what your employees are doing at any given minute?  Check Twitter!  You think Joe is spending too much time at the water cooler?  Now you have a log!  People are voluntarily doing this.  Heck, in the workplace, we can mandate it!

Can’t you see how the conversation would go?

Manager:  Joe, you’ve been spending too much time playing poker in the lunchroom!
Joe:  Me?  No, not me, I… I… I’m always at my desk!
Manager:  Joe, here is a copy of your Twitter log.
Joe:  You’ve got me boss.  (‘sniff).

It could revolutionize employee tracking, I tell you!  The next step would be to slap RFID tags on our employees and then put sensors around that update the employees’ location automatically to Twitter, saving them the time to do it manually!

Of course, I am kidding.

And for fun, you can check out my Twitter account to see what I’m doing today.  Disclaimer:  I’m only going to update it until I get bored, which will probably happen ten minutes from now.


2 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday: Could Twitter Be a Powerful Business Tool for Credit Unions?

  1. I’ve been using Twitter for a few weeks now, and my only complaint is that they’re so overloaded with new users that it bogs down regularly.

    Why I like it: I’ve been wanting to do a personal blog for a while now. Just so I don’t have to be “Credit union this,” “Credit union that” all the time. I need a break from all that, I tell ya! But I don’t need all the hassle that goes along with making a post. Twitter forces me to get it out in 140 characters or less.

    Plus, I could say “@Rob: what’s the name of the podcast service you use”. And when you noticed my question you could respond: “@Trey: Libsyn” at your convenience. (Sure I could email that, but not that quickly.) So I think of it as a cross between blogging (very permanent) and online chat (not at all permanent).

    For me, it’s a creative outlet that’s not as draining as blogging.

    Now, does it have staying power? I don’t know really. For example, I haven’t been doing the text to Twitter thing from my cell. And I don’t keep up with others on my cell either. But when the iPhone arrives and phones move more towards an always-on always-online device… look out! Twitter might get REALLY big!

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