The Seminar Season Is Upon Us!

The seminar season has started to pick up here in our Credit Union department. Each year, WWR teams up with CUNA and the Ohio Credit Union League to present a series of quarterly seminars on credit union legal issues. Next week, Rob will be presenting a seminar on “Fraud Policies and Prevention” on February 20 in Dublin, OH and on February 21 in Cleveland, OH.

Fraudsters seem to be working overtime to overcome credit unions’ security measures. This seminar is geared toward operations, compliance, lending and risk management staff at credit unions and discusses strategies on how to steer clear of the latest scams- from stolen cards to fraudulent checks to ACH transactions. The seminar also covers the handling of identity theft issues, fraud policies and procedures that credit unions should have in place, reporting requirements, recognizing and resolving fraud and understanding the Bank Secrecy Act and check fraud requirements. If you’re in the Dublin/Cleveland areas, you should consider joining us! For more information visit: and choose Event Calendar.

Rob will also be presenting a webinar on February 22 to the Illinois League of Credit Unions on the Right to Financial Privacy Act, which is part of their Quick Bites seminar series. If you’re interested in listening in on that webinar, register here.


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